STABIL-DESSERT series are stabilizing systems specially studied for the production of spoonable desserts. The product is giving a creamy texture and a perfect stabilization avoiding separation, sedimentation, protein precipitation. There are STABIL-DESSERT specially studied for both cold and hot filling.
There are STABIL-DESSERT that can gives a more jellified structure, depending on the desired texture of the final dessert.
The dosage is normally between 5 and 10 grams for a Kg of final dessert.


STABILGEL series is normally used for the stabilization of CREME CARAMEL / FLANS.
STABILGEL is giving a jellified structure to the dessert, improving also the body of the dessert and a creamy mouth-feeling.
The recommended dosage can be between 4 and 10 grams for a Kg of final dessert, depending of final application and the type of STABILGEL used.