STABILDRINK series is a stabilizing system that improve the mouth-feeling and avoid the precipitation of fruit fibers. Fibers remain in suspension.
Stabildrink avoid the separation of essential-oils eventually used in the formulation, too
Stabildrink is 100% cold soluble and permit to optimize the costs.
Stabildrink dosage is between 0,1% and 0,4% depending of the texture desired in the final juice.


STABILDRINK K series is a stabilizing system specially denveloped for vegetable drinks based on soya, rice, almond, etc.
STABILDRINK K avoid the separation of fat.
STABILDRINK K is having a strong suspension properties avoiding the precipitation/sedimentation of vegetable protein and/or fibers.
STABILDRINK K is improving the mouth-feeling, too.
Standard dosage is normally between 0,1 and 0,3%