Stabilgum XG series is a stabilizing system for sauces production. Stabilgum XG is having pseudo-plastic properties. This it means when the product is motionless in the bottle the viscosity is enormously high perfectly stabilizing the salad dressing and homogeneously maintaining in suspension herbs and species. But when the sauce is spilled or  during the eating (with the movements of the mouth) the viscosity precipitate giving a beautiful creaminess in the mouth.
STABILGUM XG is stable to low pH, too.  Dosage is normally around 0,2-0,4%.


STABILGUM XG series gives perfect results in mayonnaise production. Giving a perfect stabilization of emulsion, avoiding separation of fats and avoiding syneresis.
STABILGUM XG is improving texture and mouth-feeling.
STABILGUM XG is stable to low pH, too.
STABILGUM XG dosage is about 0,1% for high fat mayonnaise (about 80% of oil). The dosage must be increased for low fat mayonnaise till 0,4-0,5% for low fat (30%) mayonnaise